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CashtoCode: A Secure Service for Casino Clients


What is CashtoCode?
Pros and Cons of CashtoCode
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Fair Go Casino CashtoCode is actually the manual process of depositing Cash at the point of sale where you need to authenticate yourself using the paycode hence, making it a completely safe method of deposit.

CashtoCode service eliminate the need for debit and credit cards, and the Fair Go Casino CashtoCode app operators will never know any of your sensitive financial details, assuring you a peace of mind. This is voucher-based payment system that lets you make instant cash payment into your account via a point of sale.

What is CashtoCode?

This is a voucher system that was specifically designed to allow Fair Go Casino CashtoCode online players to get quick payments without sharing banking details or too much personal information with the casino operators. Depositing, therefore, becomes such an easy task and you don’t even need an account.

One of the major features of CashtoCode is that you are not required to register to use it. You just need to purchase an eVoucher. When you are ready to make your payment, choose the CashtoCode payment option available on the casino website. Remember that Fair Go Casino CashtoCode voucher is exclusively available for Australian players.

Pros and Cons of CashtoCode


  • Users are not required to share any bank details.
  • It also offers Fair Go Casino CashtoCode instant deposit.
  • Accepts multiple currencies.
  • No transaction fees.


  • This payment method is available in certain countries only.
  • You cannot withdraw using CashtoCode.
  • It requires you to go to retail shop to pay you voucher.

Guide on CashtoCode Usage

After Fair Go Casino CashtoCode login, simply open the cashier section and select the amount you wish to deposit. You will receive a barcode, which you can print out and take with you to the nearest Fair Go Casino CashtoCode today at point of sale.

The clerk at casino will then scan the code and you will pay for it in cash. Once the payment is made, your Fair Go CashtoCode online deposit will be completed and you will be ready to start betting. Note that CashtoCode vouchers are valid for 7 days only after the paycode is generated.

How to Deposit Funds by CashtoCode Voucher

To complete the Fair Go Casino CashtoCode registration follow the process below:

Log into your account.
Tap to the cashier at the deposit button.
Add the amount you want purchase.
You will be redirected to the CashtoCode voucher page.
Put your voucher code in the text field “Then input the 20-character CashtoCode eVoucher code”.
Then click on Agree with terms.
Confirm your Fair Go Casino CashtoCode deposit to receive your code number.
Redeem the code at the Fair Go point of sale.
You can now enjoy your instantly credited amount.

How to Withdraw Cash Via CashtoCode?

The only problem with CashtoCode is that, it is not possible to make withdrawals from your betting account. Players who deposit using this method will need to withdraw their Fair Go Casino CashtoCode wins using other alternatives like bank transfer.

CashtoCode Limits and Commissions

The CashtoCode has the minimum deposit requirement, which is normally between €10 and €20 per bet. While one CashtoCode voucher allows you to deposit a maximum of €400 into your gaming account to start playing Fair Go Casino CashtoCode games. 

You are not required to pay any commissions when you use CashtoCode to top up your account balance. This is completely free to use!

List of Available Currencies

Currently, CashtoCode deposits are available in EUR only. Therefore, your account will be credited in your currency in an equivalent amount of voucher. 

Bonus 300%

Take advantage of the Fair Go Casino CashtoCode bonus and receive a 300% match bonus. Moreover, use Fair Go Casino CashtoCode bonus code and you will receive a $150 no deposit bonus!

Mobile Payments with CashtoCode Voucher

The better part of CashtoCode is that everything can be done using mobile phone App. You can securely, easily, and anonymously make Fair Go Casino CashtoCode mobile deposit through the voucher service using the CashtoCode mobile app.

What you need is just to download it on your smartphone. With your mobile Fair Go Casino CashtoCode app downloaded app you can be able to Log into your account and get your voucher. It is a simple process.

Where Can I Address for Troubleshooting CashtoCode?

If you need help using CashtoCode to fund your account, contact the customer support at:

  • Email: support@cashtocode.com.
  • Phone (Austria): 0043 (0) 720 270 210 - available everyday, (06h – 22h).
  • Phone (Germany): 0049 (0) 30 530 515 72 – available everyday, (06h – 22h).

Is it secure to utilize CashtoCode for initiating deposits at Fair Go Casino?

Without a doubt, CashtoCode offers a safe and secure method of payment. The process entails making a manual cash deposit at a designated Fair Go Casino CashtoCode retail location, using a unique paycode for authentication. Hence, it ensures a high degree of security for your deposits.

Is There a Maximum Deposit or Withdrawal Limit?

One CashtoCode voucher will provide you to maximum deposit up to €400 to your Fair Go Casino CashtoCode account. 

Does CashtoCode Offer Its Own Customer Service?

Yes, to reach CashtoCode customer service representative via email or phone; Email: support@cashtocode.com, Phone numbers; Austria: 0043 (0) 720 270 210, Germany: 0049 (0) 30 530 515 72.

Will I Have to Pay Any Other Hidden Fees When Using a CashtoCode Voucher at an Online Casino?

No, you will not be required to pay any fees for purchasing a prepaid voucher. You can use Fair Go Casino CashtoCode free of charge.