Fair Go Casino Koala Diary - Best Bonuses Every Week

Make every week memorable at Fair Go Casino as the generous Koala reveals mind-blowing bonuses you can claim. The casino releases a new issue of its magazine every week, where promo codes and no deposit bonus codes are published. So, not only do you get to read amazing stories of the Koala, but you get all the latest bonuses for the week.

News about Koala's Diary Bonus 2024

At Fair Go Casino, there"s always good news for you. A new issue of the casino"s magazine narrating stories from the Koala"s point of view is released weekly. In each issue, you"ll find the available Fair Go Koala Diary Codes and other bonuses that you can activate.

Getting Koala's Diary bonus

The Koala of Fair Go Casino trusts you and is opening all his secrets to you. Here is how you can get to see all the bonuses he has written in his diary:


Visit the official page of Fair Go Casino.


Log in to your existing account or create a new account if you don"t have one.


Click on the"Koala"s Diary" button located on the menu at the left column of the bottom of the main page and find the promo code of Kev"s Diary.


Copy the attached promo code.


Activate the promo by going to the "Cashier section" to input the code.

Koala weekly diary for Australian Players

There is a fresh new story for Australian players every week at Fair Go Casino. Kev has new stories and promo codes that the Australian audience can enjoy and activate for better entertainment.

Koala Diary Fair Go casino - latest promo codes

Each week comes with a new promo code. This week, players can use the promo code "KD-ASANA" to get 20 free spins on Fortunate Buddha.

Use Koala's Diary bonus promo code and get just for you - $5 chip at Fair Go

Kev the famous Koala is giving players a $5 chip to spin their favorite pokies. And he made a tasty bowl of chili sauce and is hoping you enjoy your chip more than he enjoyed his meal.

Latest promotions from Koala's Diary at Fair Go Casino

There are other promotions that you stand to edit when you read the Koala"s Diary at Fair Go Casino. Here"s one more promo for you to anticipate:

  • Solar Reaper = 1, Kev the Koala = 0

Kev just had the Solar Reaper Chilli, the hottest he has ever had and he needs you to claim this bonus to cool him down.


Kev"s stories and promo codes are worth the wait. With his promo codes, you can spice up your week and make gambling more fun. Be sure not to miss out on any new magazine issue for unlimited amusement.

How do I claim the Koala's Diary Bonus?

To claim the Koala"s Diary Bonus, you need to click on the "Koala"s Diary" button at the bottom of the homepage. Then, copy the attached promo code and input it in the required field in the "Cashier" section.

How does the Koala's Diary Bonus work in Fair Go Casino?

The Koala"s Diary bonus works just like any other bonus. Players use the promo code and spin their favorite pokies with it once they have been credited.

Using Koala's Diary bonus at Fair Go Casino how do I win real money?

Once the bonus has been activated, you select the pokie you want to play and begin to stake your bet. Be sure to complete the wager, if not withdrawal of accumulated profit will not be successful.

Are there frequent new releases from Koala's Diary at Fair Go Casino?

Yes, there are frequent new releases from Koala's Diary at Fair Go Casino. The casino releases a new issue every week.

Do I have to make a deposit to get the Koala's Diary bonus at Fair Go Casino?

Yes, you must have made a deposit within the past 3 days before you can claim the Koala"s Diary bonus.

What are the age restrictions for activating the Koala's Diary bonus at Fair Go Casino?

Fair Go Casino only offers the Koala"s Diary Bonus to players who are 18 years old or more.

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